Continuing on from our Marie Claire goodies, they have posted an article about Jen’s style for this issue, as well as how to try and copy that style.

It’s a rare woman who looks as glamorous and at-ease in a sweeping sequined gown as she does in her favorite jeans. But that’s Jennifer Aniston for you. With a style MO that emphasizes comfort, she’s the antidote to the trying-too-hard-ness of the Lady Gaga era. For our L.A. cover shoot, Aniston took the same laid-back approach to getting dressed as her Horrible Bosses costars Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, and Jason Bateman. So what if she had five racks of clothing at her disposal while each guy had only one? A girl’s gotta have options! Clean, sophisticated silhouettes and neutral tones ruled the day, while the actor-pals’ bawdy jokes brought a certain edge. Upon stylist Alison Edmond’s pep talk for everyone to relax and have fun for the camera, Aniston and Day laughed. “The first time we met was for a sex scene,” said Aniston. “We got this.”

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