Jennifer Aniston Gives Taylor Swift Breakup Advice?

Rumor has it that Taylor Swift got a bit of break-up advice from actress Jennifer Aniston backstage at the People’s Choice Awards. Swift recently parted ways with Jake Gyllenhaal, and various sources report that Aniston had a few words of wisdom for the young singer.

Aniston reportedly told Swift to “hang in there” and suggested she “go out there and have fun” adding that she “wanted Taylor to know everything will be okay.”

According to eonline.com, however, the story may be nothing more than rumor. Reps for the actress denied that claim and said that Jennifer didn’t even see Taylor at the ceremony.

“No, it is not true at all. Jennifer was only at the People’s Choice Awards for about 20 minutes. She arrived, presented Adam [Sandler] his award and then had to go to another commitment right after.”

The rep adds, “She did not even see Taylor there.”


Sheryl Crow Inspires Jennifer To Become A Mom, Too

Country singer Sheryl Crow and mother to two boys (3-year-old Wyatt Steven & 7-week-old Levi James) is beaming about her role as mama, telling all her friends – including Jennifer Aniston – how great motherhood is. In Elle magazine, Sheryl Crow says:

“He changed my life completely. I’ve really put roots down with him. His happiness is my priority. One thing I’ve learned about children and antiques is that you just have to let go. …I try to re-create and reuse everything, no matter how tattered. I think that’s definitely part of my love for acquiring and appreciating other people’s cast-off stuff. If I can reuse something or give it a new life, that’s definitely better than throwing it out.”

According to the National Enquirer, the message to Jennifer Aniston has hit home with Jen, forcing her to consider adoption:

“Jen sees how happy Wyatt and now Levi make Sheryl, And Sheryl has told Jen, ‘Don’t wait for a man to make a family! Money isn’t an issue, but time is, Jen doesn’t want to wait four years, like Sandra Bullock did, to get her adopted child. She’s hoping it will take no more than a year. Sheryl has invited Jen to spend time with the boys so she can get a feel for what it’s like to be around a baby and a toddler. Jen is going to make sure to do that. She can’t wait to hold Levi — and eventually become a mom herself.”

Wow, Brad Pitt, might have to look out, Jennifer Aniston is on the hunt – thanks, Sheryl Crow!


Jennifer Aniston will not scream in “Scream 4?

Dimension Films has deep-sixed a Star Magazine rumor that Jennifer Aniston was set to appear in the upcoming “Scream 4.”

Digital Spy got the scoop.

Similar to Drew Barrymore’s offing in the first “Scream,” there was gossip that Aniston would play a woman who is axed in the opening sequence. Aniston was supposedly taking the role as a favor to friend Courteney Cox.

“Scream 4” rolls before the cameras in July in Michigan. Sequel will be helmed by Wes Craven and stars Emma Roberts, Lake Bell, Hayden Panettiere, Neve Campbell and David Arquette.


Jennifer Aniston to ‘Scream 4’? Source says ‘highly unlikely’

Star Magazine is reporting that Jennifer Aniston may be joining her “Friends” co-star (and real life BFF) Courteney Cox in the 2011 “Scream” franchise reboot.

According to Star, Jen would play the franchise’s trademark opening scene victim, a la Drew Barrymore in the first movie, Jada Pinkett and Omar Epps in the second and Liev Schreiber and Kelly Rutherford in the third installment.

While we are in love with this idea, a source close to the film tells Zap2it that Jen’s casting is “highly, highly, highly unlikely.”

Who do you think “Scream 4’s” first victim will be?


Jennifer Aniston to Reunite with Courteney — on the Big Screen!

Last night, Jennifer Aniston stepped out to support her pal Courteney Cox at the Crystal + Lucy Awards, where the Cougar Town star was honored for her TV work. And the ladies – who got close as costars in Friends — will soon be working together again soon, Star has learned exclusively.

In the June 14 issue of Star — on sale now — we report that Jennifer may be known for her romantic comedies, but she’s switching genres for her new role: a part in Scream 4!

Jen will play a woman who’s killed off in the opening sequence, a trademark of the franchise — as a favor to BFF and Scream actress Courteney. The role will be similar to Drew Barrymore’s killer part in the first film.

“Scream has always been an important part of Courteney’s life, and she wanted Jennifer to be a part of the production,” an insider tells Star.

Courteney, her husband David Arquette and Neve Campbell will all reprise their roles in the next installment, which hits theatres in April 2011.


Jennifer Aniston Not Quitting Hollywood for Hawaii

“Jennifer Aniston is saying aloha to Hollywood!” declares the National Enquirer, the same publication that reported she was going to write a cookbook (wrong), drunk dialed Angelina Jolie (wrong), and asked Gerard Butler to move in with her (wrong).

So what do the tab’s impeccable (cough) sources say this time?

They claim the “love-starved former ‘Friends’ star” plans “to make a new start in Hawaii,” following the advice of Oprah Winfrey.

Aniston is buying a home on Maui “in the hope that the change of scenery will recharge her personal and professional life,” encouraged by Oprah’s endorsement of Hawaii as the “land of new starts.”

According to a “close pal,” the actress fell in love with the “island vibe” after filming Just Go With It there.

“Just go with it” also seems to be the Enquirer’s guiding principle when it comes to printing Aniston “news.”

Aniston is “not buying a home in Hawaii and has no plans to live there,” her rep tells Gossip Cop.

Say aloha, Enquirer.


Jennifer Aniston Denies Living Off Of Baby Food

Actress Jennifer Aniston has gone on record to deny rumors that she is eating a diet of baby food.

Aniston is currently hanging out in Hawaii shooting her new movie “Just Go With It,” in which she stars across from funnyman Adam Sandler.

While some baby food maybe tasty, she insists that she is not living off of it: “I’ve been asked lately, ‘Jen, what’s this baby food diet all about?’” she says. “I kept thinking: That’s the strangest question ever.”

The diet in question, involves eating up to 14 servings of baby food during your day, followed by a healthy dinner.

“Sorry, but the last time I had baby food, I believe I was 1,” she added.


Jennifer Aniston Is Going On Her Bestie’s Show ‘Cougar Town’ Next Season!

Looks like Jennifer Aniston, 41, will be moving to Cougar Town… that is, if producer Bill Lawrence gets his way! “Jennifer Aniston is going to be on the show next season, she doesn’t know it yet,” Bill said March 5 at the 25th Annual Paley Fest in Beverly Hills. “Courteney [Cox] promised me that as a birthday gift.”

Jen’s appearance on the show would mark the second time Courteney, 45, has landed her a much-hyped TV gig. She previously appeared as a rival magazine editor on an episode of Courteney’s short-lived FX series Dirt. And considering Lisa Kudrow, 46, has already guest starred on an episode of Cougar Town this season, it wouldn’t surprise us at all to see a few more Friends start popping up!

Along with Jen’s hopeful appearance, Bill also talked about upcoming guest spots from Nia Vardalos and another of Courteney’s friends, Sheryl Crow. Bill says Sheryl’s got some serious acting chops. “[She’s] easily the nicest rock star out of all the rock stars I’ve ever met in my life,” he said. “And she could do this as her day job.”


Jennifer Aniston’s Perfume Name Game

Jennifer Aniston wants to expand her brand! A source close to the actress tells OK! Jen has been quietly working on a branded fragrance for the last 20 months. So what will the name of Jen’s signature scent be?

With launch looming, she’s still uncertain about what to call the scent. Jen “has yet to get 100 percent behind any name,” says the source, “but the one she favors is ‘Aniston.’ ”

That choice met with less than-unanimous approval. Some of the ad executives behind the perfume really disliked it. Another suggestion, “Echo,” was also rejected.

“It’s all about capturing the idea of romance and freedom at any age, but it’s hard to do that in just one word,” says the source.

The A-list actress has been the face of ad campaigns, the most recent being her partnership with smartwater.

“Jen wants to unleash some really glamorous commercials on TV,” once her perfume is named, the source says.

Can’t wait for the launch!


Jennifer Aniston’s romance with Gerard Butler ‘faked for publicity’

The former Friends actress, who was photographed in Mexico with the Scottish hunk, reportedly flew the film crew down with her to capture the saucy pictures.

The media was initially fooled by Gerard and Jen canoodling but now reports say it was all set up by the actress, OK! Magazine revealed.

Just weeks before the release of their new film The Bounty Hunter, Jen wanted to capitalise on rumours of a fling with Butler and made sure every bikini shot was showing off her best angle, the magazine reported.

When confronted about flying the film crew to Mexico, she told Access Hollywood: “These people survive on us coming down and spending money.

“It sort of made sense to say: Hey, let’s help out Mexico.”

Earlier in the week reports said Jen thought the sex with Gerard was ‘amazing’ but now it seems her alleged sexual escapades were a sham.