Is SMS Marketing The Tool Of The Future?

SMS Marketing works because everyone has a phone. We all use these devices all the time and keep them within arm’s reach. So, when the right offer arrives at the correct time, we are more likely to check it out on the fly.

Text message marketing has been around for a while. And yet, new companies like Textedly keep popping up. And against all odds, they give out free 14-day trial periods without losing any money. On the contrary, this industry is thriving. Now, what’s the secret?

Why SMS Marketing Works

Text message marketing allows you to consistently get your messages directly in front of your ideal customers: the millennials. In short, it creates the fastest and most direct path for the product to the consumer base. And as the millennials keep growing and amassing wealth, companies like Textedly can only profit.

For businesses, turning to SMS marketing make a lot of sense. Especially when you consider that millennials and gen Z text more than any previous generations. Then again, the smartphone has become the new wallet, literally. With so many solutions for digital payments available at your fingertips today, a simple SMS can generate more profit than any other form of advertisement.

How Can Companies Like Textedly Profit By Giving Away Free Text Messages?

Most consumers have a positive perception of businesses using text messages. After all, most people receive less than five text messages a week. So, when they receive an SMS from an organization or firm, they immediately think that they must have a valid reason to invest in such an alternative and inoffensive method.

A free trial is a perfect way to test how well a system works. But when it comes to sending text messages, you have to send lots of SMS text messages to see results. Then, when you see results come in, as a business, you want to keep going.

Going Into The Future By Looking Backward

SMS technology does not allow you to see if the receiver reads your message. In essence, it is a simple tool to send a short text to someone on the other end of the communication device that costs money and gives you—the sender—no control. Textedly is one of the companies that understood this and focused on providing businesses a way to harness this power.

The old communication system gives current generations a taste of what they did not live through. This is the brilliance of SMS Marketing, which does not invent anything new. But it plays with known emotions to achieve new goals in a digital world context.