What is the Most Common Reason for Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Joseph Farzam law is a law firm that deals with several practice areas. You can get help with intellectual property, lemon law, employment law, business and general litigation as well as personal injury. The law’s passion for assisting is its top priority. Unlike most of the law firms, Joseph Farzam law firm always values their clients, and they will appear first at all times. Under the personal injury practice, let’s see how it goes with the Pedestrian Accident Attorney Los Angeles.

It has been so rampant for pedestrians to cause injuries that are serious which occurs mainly when they are crossing the streets or when getting out of a vehicle. Most are the cases when the car that caused the accident appears to be traveling at high speed hence hitting a pedestrian. During that moment, the pedestrian may not have enough time to react to avoid the harm. The pedestrian is entitled to compensation if this happens.

Statistically, most pedestrian accident cases are not reported but the truth of the matter is that you should fight for your rights to get proper treatment. A pedestrian accident lawyer should be considered when there any kind of negligence from those that were measured liable, says mark shiner from Harris Law Firm. It could be the public entity, if they happened to allow a risky condition to take place on their possessions during the injury time or when a city employee fails to act even after been noticed about the accident

However, the city of Los Angeles is obliged to give some duties to the pedestrians. For instance, where there are dangerous conditions especially at intersections or when a city is aware of a dangerous condition but ignores taking the required steps to correct it, the city is the one to be found liable for the injuries. Depending on the evidence and whether the owner of the property, be it the city or a private owner are aware of the defective condition, liability is found.

It’s always significant as a pedestrian to know your rights. A lawyer is recommended whether you want to sue a private individual or a public entity, says irma santana from Miley Law Firm. You may not have an idea of where to begin and in such a case try contacting a qualified pedestrian attorney to get a free case assessment. Joseph Farzam law has always handled these types of cases successfully; thus you can always try us, and we will keenly and energetically contest your case for your victory.