The Cremation Process – How Does It Work?

We truly understand how difficult it can be to choose cremation as a specific sort of funeral. That’s why San Bernardino crematorium compiled this list of step by step of how the cremation process work and what it is. Although you do not know all the details of how cremation works, it is not hard to visualize what happens inside. First of all, it should be said that cremation is one of the oldest types of burial and is more than 2000 years old. Although this process is still a mystery to most people, in order to remove the fear of the unknown and the bad thoughts of this, let’s see what cremation is.

Today’s modern San Bernadino crematorium uses automated industrial furnaces specifically designed for cremation. The whole process takes about 2-4 hours to complete. The company you hire will make sure to identify the deceased. Most crematoria allow close relatives to attend this process.

Step-by-Step of the Cremation Process

Cremation is a process related to the decomposition of a human body into its basic elements due to exposure to high temperatures. This procedure is performed in specially defined conditions, i.e., in a furnace named cremation chamber.

Prior to the process, the body of the deceased should be placed in a special box, which is environment-friendly. It means that there are no coatings on it and that it does not have metal parts. The remains of the deceased after cremation are called “ashes.” It is essentially the rest of the bones. These leftovers are heavy between 3 and 9 pounds.

The cremation process consists of 5 key steps:

1. Identification of the deceased and permission of the authorities

2. The body of the deceased is placed into a proper container

3. Then it is transferred to the cremation chamber

4. After cremation remains are ground

5. The ash is placed into the urn (special vase for the remains)

What Are The Benefits Of Cremation:

The cremation offers a number of advantages over the traditional form of burial:

  • Environment protection: Many people choose cremation to protect land and reduce land usage. It means preserving natural resources and avoiding different chemicals.
  • Lower cost: This process is budget-friendly in comparison to a burial.

Bottom Line

Although it has many advantages, cremation should be thought of in advance because a person who wants to be cremated must give his consent during his life, and there is a lot of administrative paperwork that needs to be sorted out before this procedure.