Why You Might Want to Get Spinal Treatments

When it comes to getting a regular check-up, few people think of the importance of getting their vehicle maintained. Some may be too busy with work or school to get in for an appointment, and others might be too broke to afford a new car that requires costly repairs. However, just as cars tend to break down and need attention at specific times throughout the lifespan of the vehicle, so does the spine. The following are reasons why you might want to get spinal treatments:

1. Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis can be caused by the degeneration of the discs that are between the vertebrae, and this condition causes pressure on the spinal cord and nerves. This causes a variety of symptoms, including numbness in the arms and legs, pain in the back, weakness in the legs, urinary problems, back pain that can radiate to other parts of the body like chest or neck pain or even cramping or shock-like pains.

2. Disk Herniation

This can occur when the disc in the spine ruptures, causing pressure on the spinal cord. Again, symptoms include numbness or pain in the arms and legs and also pain in certain parts of the body like along the back or deep into the surrounding muscles. It is important to note that if you have experienced a disk herniation before, then you should be aware that this condition is more likely to recur if not treated properly.

3. Chronic Spinal Pain

Many people who suffer from chronic pain feel as though their body and their lives are on hold because of their condition. There may be swelling, severe pain and stiffness in the back, neck, arms and legs. In addition to all of this, sometimes the pain is even so bad that it interferes with sleep and makes it difficult to get through the day.

4. Tendonitis

This can cause sharp and intense pains in the arms, legs, neck and back. In addition to this, it can make it difficult to stand or walk. It is important to note that the pain may be so severe that any movement causes even more pain.

5. Neck Pain or Whiplash

Whiplash injuries can cause neck or back pain and limited movement of the limbs in a specific direction. If you are experiencing neck pain due to a whiplash injury, it is important to consult a physician.

6. Tendonitis of the Shoulder

This can cause painful and swollen shoulders, as well as limited movement in the arm or shoulder joint. It is important to note that this ailment can be caused by repeated movements in the arm that may have aggravated the area before your injury occurred.

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